Civil Society Policy Research

An engaged civil society can lead to increased development and upward social mobility. However, navigating the policy and actions of the Ethiopian government and the various actors involved in civil society in Ethiopia can be time consuming and a drain on program resources. Utilizing Econvalue Consult’s policy research services your organization can gain a better understanding of complexities surrounding this topic.

Building on years of direct work with the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency through a contract with UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and in close collaboration with the Development Assistance Group of Ethiopia, Econvalue Consult has a solid understanding of the field. This work, together with experiences working with European chambers of commerce and other civil society actors places Econvalue Consult in a great position to complete any type of policy research that your organization may need. The vast network of individuals throughout government, private sector and civil society also opens doors helps gain insight throughout Ethiopia.